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Wait, what?

Oh, hey! I have a blog!

Just kidding. I remember it being here, I’ve just been busy on the story. I’m a bit disappointed that I missed the April A-Z blogging challenge.

In other news, The Priestess, the Protector is just about finished. I have my cover finished, the story is submitted to Createspace, and I’m just waiting to get everything reviewed and approved.

We’re getting close, everyone. I may do a site redesign to celebrate!

Stay tuned for publishing news.


Extra Post

Just a quick post to let you know that I am going to put up a couple sample chapters as well.  Several of you have seen these already, but I figured for the one or two that haven’t, I will put them up.

Look up at the top over to the right.  See the menu for Sample Chapters?  That’s where they will be going.  Check them out!


Counting down…

It’s 9:30 pm (-ish) Saturday night. At this point, I have prepared six posts in advance. G is currently being drafted.  Each posted is scheduled to publish at 12:01 in the morning each day.

I’m hoping that the theme / style of posts is entertaining. I only wish the book had been released already so that more than 6 people would have read it!

Here’s to a fun April for everyone that’s participating. Thanks for playing along!

J. Andrew Jansen