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Survived the trip. I’ll post some photo’s in a few days, once I get caught up at work, and get over the leg cramps and blistered feet!

We ended up going in Friday, about 12:30 in the afternoon. It started raining about 4:00, so we set camp for the night.

Saturday we made 10 miles before I was ready to collapse. Up and over “Heartbreak Ridge” was pretty rough with 50 pounds of stuff on my back.

Sunday was harsh. We did a 5 mile “strenuous” trail up out of the valley to the access point to get picked up. Surprisingly, spending twenty years as a programmer with ten to twelve hours a day sitting in front of a computer doesn’t seem to prepare someone for a 5 mile climb with gear.

Fortunately, my oldest son was with, who has already survived basic training. We escaped the clutches of the wilderness intact, and I can cross one more thing off my “bucket list”. Over all, we did 20 miles in 48 hours. Only about 18 hours were actually hiking.

I also learned something. Many fantasy stories feature long, walking treks across hill and dale with nary a thought to the physical strain of actually doing so. I am fairly certain that my main character is going to have quite a bit to say about her trip now that I have a bit more first hand knowledge of what it takes.


Wish me luck. I am off to spend four days hiking the Foothills Trail with my oldest son.  I will be off of the inter-webs for the whole four days.  I think that is the longest continuous time I have been offline in over ten years.  I’m not sure how I will fare.


Nonetheless, I have my kindle, as well as a notepad and pen in case inspiration strikes.  If I don’t get eaten by a bear, I will see you all when I get back!



Two quick things

First: I solved the problem of OpenID with a self hosted WordPress blog. If anyone else is struggling with this, drop me a note, and I will tell you how I made it work.  The best part is I don’t need to beg other blog writers to change their commenting settings anymore.

Second: I spent today fixing my air conditioning in my truck. For reasons that I’m not explaining, I took some pictures so everyone can see how it works!