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How did your story start?

What was the inspiration for your current story?  If it is part of an arc, what started that?  What was the little glimmer, that sparkle, that “oh, hey!” moment that birthed the masterpiece that currently rolls from your fingertips?

I will start.  Stay with me, please.

I don’t dream.  I am not sure why, but I don’t.  I lay down, then I wake up hours later.  Maybe once every couple months something will short out in my brain, and I will dream something, but for purposes of this discussion; nothing.

One morning when I woke up, I had a sentence in my head:  “Llaewyn stopped running; he knew he was going to die.”

“Hmm.  Bummer,” I thought to myself, and went about my day.  The next morning; same thing.  It was more irritating the second time.  Two weeks later, it was still happening every day.  I knew not this prophet of self destruction, but he refused to leave me alone.  I opened up Google Documents and pounded the sentence into the text editor.  My mind appeased, I slept, and woke, happily.

For about three days.

Details started working their way into my thoughts.  Apparently he was an elf.  Apparently, his pursuer wanted something that he had.  He was in a forest.  I felt as one haunted, pursued by demons of my own creation.  Creatures I had not known invading my mind, day and night, relentless in their insistence that they be heard.

And so, on August 17, 2008 (as reported by the Google timestamp) I sat down and wrote out Llaewyn’s death.  Looking back upon it, it isn’t all that bad.  Some grammatical errors, but passable.  None of that scene remains in the current story.  There is an elf named Llaewyn.  There is an antagonist named Gelrog, though he was an orc 2 years ago.  I will share with you the torment that born in me a writer, unedited from that day in August two years ago when my sanity depended on its release:

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Young Jerok goes hunting…

Jerok crouched behind the bushes, mouth open so his breathing made no sound. The warm air in the forest felt thick with moisture. He shifted the knife he held to his left hand so he could wipe the sweat from his palm. Switching it back, he opened and closed his fingers several times, perfecting his grip. Turning his head to the left, he looked up at his father.

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Further character information

So I have lots of background information on my characters, much of which will never see any time in the story.  I am thinking of writing little “scene-lets” and posting them.  Stuff that may be a bit pointless, but gives more info about the characters.  First idea:  Jerok out hunting with his father as a child.

Reactions?  Would this be good?  Or do you feel like it would give away things that you shouldn’t know about them while reading the story?